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10 Dynamic Warmup Moves for Your Next Pickleball Match

Are you one of the 4.8 million people playing Pickleball? Pickleball started on Bainbridge Island in 1965 - a simple game created by three dads to entertain their bored chiidren. It was once promoted as a "retirement from tennis" sport and catered to the 55 plus community; however the popularity has grown rapidly each year since 2019 to an all ages sport. Just about every public tennis court now has casual pickleball players and diehard competitors diving into the kitchen to make a point. The USA Pickleball Association offers detail information on rules, events and clubs, etc.

But along with this fun, increasing popular sport comes an increase of injuries and stresses to the body. For some reason, the people I spoke with, feel that it's such a laid back game that a warmup is silly. I am here to tell you (along with my local physical therapist), that we are seeing more and more casualities as a result of the SLIP/TRIP/FALL/DIVE. Injuries include various muscle and tendon issues involving hyperextending, dislocation, sprain, twist, strain, tear, pull, sudden pop or snap, inverted or rolled ankle. Add to that - a collision with another player, being hit by a raquet or ball and even heatstroke.

A dynamic warmup prior to playing any sport is important because it -

  • Helps bring blood to the muscles

  • Raises core body temperature

  • Warms up the joints as well as muscles

So before you hit the court - try these dynamic moves to rev up your body to play ball.

  1. Easy jog forward on the court and backward walk - 4 times

  2. Leg swings forward and back - 10 per let

  3. Side stepping left 5 times and right 5 times - 2 sets

  4. Air squats 10 reps

  5. Shoulder rollss back 10 reps

  6. Overhead reach right arm/left arm - 5 per side

  7. Side Bend right and left - 6 per side

  8. Easy trunk rotation left and right - 10 reps

One more reminder, stay hydrated. Take in extra fluids and electrolytes in hot weather, but even in the cooler temps your body needs that H2O. By taking on these simple tasks, you will hopefully work your way to being the next pickelball champion.

Rock on Kids!

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