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7 Tips for Healthy Holiday Travel

The holiday season snuck up on us again and we are playing planes, trains and automobiles. We are still coping with Covid, the flu and of course the common cold. So what can you do to help keep those nasty germs away? Well, they may still find you, but here are my tips to keep your immune system a bit tougher during your holiday adventures.

Hand Hygiene – washing the hands for 20 seconds helps to prevent the spreading of bacteria and helps to avoid getting sick. Wash after using the toilet, being in public restrooms, handling the garbage, changing diapers, handling pets/pet food, taking care of someone who is sick and of course wash before prepping food. When soap and water aren’t an option, use hand sanitizer that is 60% alcohol based.

Water Up – yes, water keeps your immune system in tip top shape. If your are flying, it is even more important to drink before, during and after a flight. I also recommend tossing in a electrolyte option like Nuun or Nuun Immunity to keep your system in balance.

Exercise – move that body to keep those extra holiday pounds down, plus reduce the stress that comes from having to do a bit more. Equally important is to avoid long periods of sitting. Get up on the plane/train or make frequent stops on the road to stretch out the body and keep the blood flowing.

Sleep – 8 hours will keep you tuned up for action. Don’t compromise on this as it is when your body recuperates, rests and restores. Lack of sleep will also kick in the urge to snack more or drink a few more cocktails. When traveling, grab some ear plugs and an eye mask to ensure you can get those zzz’s no matter the environment.

Wipe It Down – public travel carries a cesspool of germs, so wiping down seats, trays, seat belts, handles, can cut down on transferring germs. Also try to keep your hands away from your face (a tough one).

Saline the Nostrils – if you aren’t using a netty pot or saline spray during winter months, then your nose is a home for anything that will stick. As soon as you get to your destination, try to take a hot shower, especially after flying, and rinse off the ick. The steam of the shower will loosen up the sinuses so you can flush away the build up. This is also handy when you feel a cold coming on as it will help prevent mucus backup which causes infection.

Lastly, on my tip list is GRATITUDE. A couple of years ago we were all in isolation due to COVID. We’ve endured a long road that was emotional and physically tough. Let’s be grateful for all the small gestures of kindness, waking up each day and the ability to be together. Health matters not just during the holiday season but all year long.

Cheers to You for a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season!

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