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Episode 20 - 3 Kickstart Plyometric Drills

I talked about the value of plyometrics to improve power, speed and agility to your fast twitch (type 2) muscle fibers. Remember the muscle is made up of slow and fast twitch fibers - the fast twitch need to be engaged so that the slow twitch don't dominate as you age up.

Remember, plyometrics come with risks, therefore, it's best to work with a trainer or coach who can guide you on variations and form. Below are 3 basic - very basic moves, that you can blend into your current program. Plyometric work is not for beginners, so please use caution.

  1. Make sure to warm up

  2. Wear supportive athletic shoes

  3. If anything hurts - Stop

  4. Execute on a soft surface - grass, gym mat - not concrete

  5. Rest between sets

  6. Do 1-2 times a week

Jump Squat - 5 -10 reps - 2 sets

Forward Jump - 5-10 reps - 2 sets

Jump Rope - no rope - 15-20 jumps - 2 sets

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