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Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat

A podcast dedicated to all things health, fitness and wellness for the elite individuals who are aging up to greatness - the AAA Club.  Let's learn, chat and celebrate everything that happens after 50. 


Note:  Topics vary and may be interesting to everyone who seeks intel on living their best life!

The Reach

What Matters Now

We all have a purpose in this life - to live it fully, unapologetically and to be healthy.  We are now in a time, especially since the COVID pandemic, where we are advocates for our health.  More than ever, we are seeking guidance with experts in exercise, nutrition, mobility, flexibility, meditation and other holistic approaches that will keep our minds and bodies going through all the challenges that are laid out on the threshold of life.  We are doing it differently than generations before us - we are thriving and will continue to prevail at all costs. 

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