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The Small and Mighty Ankle

Ankle mobility and function is foundational to our daily movments. The ability to point, fllex, turn our toes in and out plus rotate the foot all comes from this joint working properly.

The ankle is also an anchor joint to walking, jumping, climbing, balancing - it's all inclusive.

Here are the 2 tests, I mentioned in Season 2 - Episode 1 of my podcast.

Test 1 - place right foot 4 inches from the wall, keep heel flat, lunge forward and touch knee to the wall. Repeat this same test by placing foot 6 inches away for a next level assessment.

Test 2 - kneel on both knees, sit back on the heels keeping the tops of the feet flat on the mat/floor.

Place a pillow under the hips if this is a bit challenging.

If there is stiffness, try using a slant board or doing a standing calf stretch (after warming up). Foam rolling and massage of the calves can also be helpful as tightness in this muscle group will compromise ankle flexibility.

Keep practicing - this small and mighty joint needs TLC.

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