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Spring Reboot Challenge - Season 2, Ep. 3

Spring is popping up slowly but surely and those New Years Resolutions probably need a reboot. So it's time for the Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat Spring Reboot Challenge. Over the next 7 days, fire up your mind and body to re-ignite your healthy living runway. Grab a friend or a few friends to follow each day's assignment. At the end of the week, continue the work so that you stay on point and accountable to each other. There is absolutely ZERO excuses for this one - TRAIN WITH YOUR PURPOSE!

Day 1 - 30 to 60 min walk, go to bed 15 minutes earlier

Day 2 - 1 minute strength rounds (1-2 rounds) - the exercises are as follows

Squats, pushups, plank, alternating lunges, ab bicycles (slow), bench dips - 20 minute walk

Day 3 - Gut Cleanse - fruits, veggies, tons of water (no dairy or meat)

Day 4 - 30-60 minutes walk - a full day off from social media

Day 5 - Repeat 1 minute strength rounds

Day 6 - Write a Gratitude List - 10 items

Day 7 - 30 - 60 minute walk - set a new goal for the upcoming week

I'd love to hear about the progress with the challenge - give me a shout out on Instagram or Facebook - except on no social media day of course.

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