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Have a Healthy Holiday & Avoid the Stretchy Pants

Well the holiday choo-choo is pulling into the station and everyone is standing on the platform waiting to chow down on some good food and drink. But WAIT - is that YOU in your stretchy pants? Yes you know the pair - it may be dressy sweats or your glammy jammies because this year the party is at home.

In speaking with people about holiday foods and fun, I am hearing that the good old fashion recipe book from grandma is a hot topic for some mouth watering comfort foods. I am also hearing that many are ordering fancy take out to support the local restaurants and grocery stores. I, myself, am cooking up some Greek yummies plus a turkey. So I know I have to have a plan so that 1) I can relax and enjoy and 2) I have to have a plan so I don't have to live in my stretchy pants post holiday.

So here is my Holiday Hit List for Health to get your through this season

  1. Do not skip meals so that you can over indulge on special foods

  2. Exercise everyday - you may need to cut back the time, but get at least 30 minutes

  3. Drink more water - can't say it enough. It keeps the system running

  4. Watch the sugar and the alcohol - they are pound packers.

  5. Give yourself one free day a week- yes, you heard me. That does not mean eat to extreme, it means eat without feeling guilty. Enjoy something out of the ordinary that is insatiable.

  6. Cook with intention - experiment with a new, healthier dish.

  7. Take a walk - there is nothing better than a 15-20 minute walk post dinner. You will sleep better too

  8. Write in your journal or start one - remember your celebrations and gratitude

  9. Savor the leftovers. Get creative and have a Zoom cooking contest with friends to see who comes up with best leftover ideas.

  10. Give to others. Not everyone can afford groceries right now, so if you know of a charity that is delivering food, try to make a donation. You may also be able to do a drop at a local hospital or fire station. The first responders have been through alot in 2020.

Now I know I only scratched the surface on ideas. Here's your chance to participate. I'd like to hear how YOU are going to celebrate. Your favorite food, are you ZOOMING with loved ones are you social distancing in the yard, are you running your own Turkey Trot?

Let's make this a holiday season that's joyful and full of kindness. Cheers.

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