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4 Holiday Gift Ideas that Set You Up For Success - Ep 34

So I am keeping with the holiday spirit so that you can give the gift of health to friends, family and even yourself. There is so much on the market for fitness, but I feel the basics are a kickstart or a restart with your health plan. Here are my top 4 -

4. Wearable tech - check out deals on Fitbit, Oura Ring, Garmin or Apple Watch. Sleep, steps, heart rate and more can be monitored with ease. The Apps that correspond will give you all the data you need to set benchmarks and monitor progress.

3. Journal - now this one is not for emotional growth - this one is geared towards your goals in fitness. Write down foods, workouts, how you felt during, progress - even nasty things about your coach or instructor (just kidding). It's a powerful visual tool.

2. Water bottle, yoga mat, gym bag - yes this s a three in one gift. The water bottle will keep you accountable on water intake daily - so 32 ounces is a must. Yoga mat - who wants to share a mat - not me! Use it for home workouts or attending classes for yoga/pilates. Gym bag - carry you gear in style - own it, feel good about it - these are all motivational to keep you goin

1. Last but not least - PERSONAL TRAINING - coaches will assess movement, guide you towards acheivable goals, change up programming when needed, hold you accountable, improve your skills in cardio, strength, mobility, etc,, help to navigate road blocks, provide nutrtional counseling and last but not least - push you to be your very best self even on days that are MEH. This is the gfit that keeps on giving for you or someone you love.

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