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Habit Kickoff for 2024

After a little break for the holidays, I am back ready to roll into 2024 with a steady hand on the wheel, a plan of action (always evolving) and the first episode to get you pumped up to create changes that stick.

Resolutions are passe - Habits are where the real work gets done. The book Atomic Habits by James Clear is a step by step analysis with tools to help guide you. I've offered up some tips from the book plus added some intel of my own.

There are 4 steps to change for a HABIT

  1. Make it obvious

  2. Make it attractive

  3. Make it easy (this gets complicated)

  4. Make it satisfying

Look at your current habits - brushing your teeth, taking out the garbarge, making your bed, washing the dishes, grocery shopping - you do these everyday or most days without even thinking about it. So now you have to develop a plan of action

Let's say you want to exercise in the morning before work. Create your visual - lay out clothes and shoes. You've set up your environment with a visual cue.

Now stack it with something you already do - let's say making the bed - you make the bed (so you don't get back in it) and you immediately get dressed to roll out the door to exercise.

Another example, is starting supplements (ie vitamins) - put them next to your tooth brush or the coffee maker - out in the open so when you do one task you will automatically do the new one.

If you need a little nudge - recruit a workout partner (this is support) or invest in a trainer so you have to keep an appointment. Work towards a consistent schedule so you don't waiver.

Support can be intrinsic or extrinsic. You could have a family member that rallies to get you out the door or even participates with you - this would be intrinsic.

We all want to be accepted, appreciated, not judged or criticized. But there will always be a doubter. Creating your team of cheerleaders will give you a tool to guide you so you stay the course. The doubter must not win - it may even cost you the friendship at times, but remember to value your efforts and use the support of your team to get you through.

The more you repeat your potentially new habit, the more the brain and the body will accept the change - REPETITION gives us energy, gives us growth, and gives us tenacity. Sure you may slip once or twice, but get back on the wagon to continue. Also use a calendar or journal to record your successes - just mark the day with a check - keep it visual for motivation. Of course if you faulter, mark it with an X. I guarantee you will want to see the checkmarks repeatedly - it's human nature.

So that's your quickstart guide to getting on the HABIT train. Feel free to email me at if you want to work together to build that plan of action. I have a few openings left for the start of 2024.

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