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8 Exercises to Improve Posture

If you listened to Episode 15 on my podcast, I speak about the value of a strong body relative to the spine and our posture. There are many health demons that strike us as we age up, like osteoporosis, excessive weight, loss or muscle, chronic pain and sometimes unfortunate circumstances that compromise our body.

Through movement such as walking, strength training, balance, core, mobility and flexibility, you can support the muscles that surround the spine.

Here are 8 effective exercises and stretches. Perform daily for a good foundation to walking, sitting and standing tall.

Cat Cow - 10 repetitions - slow/intentional., Knees are under hips, hands are under shoulders, brace abs to spine.

Bird Dog - opposing arm leg, keep abs pressed to spine, lift in straight line to avoid curvature to low back - 6 to 8 per side

Chin Tucks - can be done against wall or seated in a chair. Tuck chin towards neck - hold 2 seconds, release - 10 reps

Door way stretch - goal post arms - vary arm height to change dynamic of the stretch - move with intention - hold 3 seconds - 10 repetitions

Trapezius stretch - do NOT pull on head, simply rest hand on the side - the weight of the hand will gently stretch neck - breathe - hold 3 seconds - 5 per side -

Glute bridge - 10 repetitions - keep hips in line with knees and shoulders - do not lift too high. Contract glutes and keep abs pressed toward spine. Hold 3 seconds.

Low plank - press weight back towards heels, keep hips level to shoulders - there should not be any low back pain - if so - stop, reset, try again. Brace abs to spine and remember to breathe. Start with 15 second hold/15 second rest - work up to 30 seconds - 4 rounds.

Half cobra (spinx) - lift chest, chin up, elbows under shoulders. Brace abs to spine, contract glutes, hold 10 seconds, rest - 5-8 repetitions.

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