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9 Must Do Medical Tests

I am amazed at the number of people who do not get physicals or bloodwork on a regular basis - especially after 40. WTF? If you have any family history of health issues, you should be getting blood work done annually or as prescribed by your doctor.

I admit, I get anxious sometimes as I have a family history of cardiac issues, but the trade off is not being able to manage it. So I have compiled my list of tests, of which, most are standard . Some tests need to be requested, so I've marked them with a *.

  1. CBC - complete blood count -this is red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit

  2. BMP - basal metabolic count - checks 8 compounds in the blood

  3. Lipid panel - LDL and HDL plus trigycerides

  4. Thyroid Panel * - hyper or hypo of the thyroid can be detected

  5. Iron, Ferritin, B and D vitamins * -

  6. Mammagrams - self examines are important, this takes the deep dive with 3D imaging now available

  7. Prostate - this is for my 50 plus guys - get your psa numbers

  8. Colonoscopies - 50 and older (earlier if in family history) - do the prep, take the poop, get checked

  9. Blood pressure - most doctors check it regularly - check it yourself when possible

This is my BONUS - Stress Test and Calcium Scan for the Heart. Get a baseline and if you have family history of heart disease - check in regularly with a cardiologist.

Sit down with your physician, go over the numbers and keep a copy in your files. If medications are prescribed, understand the WHY. Make sure your doctor knows your supplements as well.

You are in charge, its your life and your health - OWN IT.

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