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Episode 21 - 6 Mobility Exercises for the Low Back

When the low back goes south, meaning it spasms or locks up, there is this disabling feeling that hits you because movement - any movement is uncomfortable, some times very painful. The spine does extreme work from the time we are born until we leave this earth, thus it requires TLC.

If your back pain is chronic - lasting more than 12 weeks or if you have suffered a severe pinched nerve, muscle spasm, or have been injured or in a accident,; then consult with a physician. Most other issues can be managed with ibuprofen, ice/heat and movement like walking, swimming, recumbent cycling, and gentle stretches.

When it comes to DAILY movement, I believe the spine and the muscles around it need regular attention so I encourage a regular routine that includes these basic moves

Single and double knee hugs - hold 10 to 15 seconds

Hip Bridges - 5-8 reps

Hamstring stretch - active - raise and lower leg using towel or strap - 5 to 8 reps

Knees Side to Side - 6-8 per side - keep shoulders down, do not go to pain zone

Cat Cow - 10 reps

Kneeling Hip Flexor - hold 10 sec rest - repeat - 3 per side

Spending 15-30 minutes every morning can really help tune up your body to face the day. If you are interested in putting together a personal program, please contact me via this website or at

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