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12 Step Plan to Manage the Retirement Pooch - Episode 27

As I laid out in this show, it is becoming more common that couples who retire are putting on some pounds. Naturally, celebrating years of hard work is normal so you feel like it's time to let go, let loose and be free. Well, that only works for so long. Before you know it, you have been wining and dining yourself to a bigger pair of jeans.

Retirement is not a permanent vacation, it is a part of a lifestyle change. Now I get it, you've waited a long time for this day, you want to celebrate, but before you over indulge, I offer up a few tips to help you avoid the retirement pooch - after all, your health is a priority.

  1. Exercise daily - this is not negotiable. Get it done early. I preach this ALOT, but movement is medicine.

  2. Set boundaries with dining out - 1 to 2 days a week. Restaurants are yummy, but also have extra calories, salt, sugar and fat.

  3. This is a big one - don't eat out multiple times in a day. If you find this is happening - order modestly like soup for lunch, fish and veggies (no butter for dinner).

  4. Meal plan and grocery shop - weekly meal planning helps to navigate your health and energy. This also helps to cut back on excessive caloric intake

  5. If you don't cook - LEARN. What a perfect time to take a cooking class. Also many meal delivery services also pre-measure ingredients so you can prepare yourself.

  6. Now a voodoo topic - ALCOHOL. Drinking 7 days a week can add up quick on the scales. Keep track of your cocktails, cut back where possible.

  7. Watch out for the dessert and after dinner cocktails - there is always someone who orders up post meal - this is a great time to downshift to tea or decaf coffee and perhaps just a taste of the dessert offering

  8. When hosting luncheons or dinners, offer healthy options and ask those who are bringing food, to bring a healthy dish with a recipe so that it can be exchanged

  9. PORTIONS - don't eat the same as your life partner. Share an entree or take home half. Order appetizers over entrees.

  10. When attending events, don't go hungry. Avoid grazing on buffets. Fix a plate with the healthier options, and select 1-2 delectable items to enjoy.

  11. Say NO - that's right, turn down invitations if you find you are on the dining out merry ground. You are in control of your schedule. This may seem hard at first, but it will work in your favor.

  12. Choose wisely at restaurants. Menus are available online for most. Order with no oils and butters. Avoid pre-dinner breads and watch salads as they can have hidden calories.

Life is 80/20 when it comes to healthy eating, take in some fun, but stick to a plan so that you many years beyond just retirement.

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