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A New HIIT Exercise

I bet I got your attention with this title! Well, hold onto your sweatpants my friend as this is NOT an exercise for your body, but an exercise for your mind. It is a process to help you achieve, succeed and be the victor in your lifestyle changes. This is the HABIT IMPLEMENTATION INTENTION TOOL -.HIIT for short. I created the acronym, but James Clear, the author of ATOMIC HABITS, created the system.

ATOMIC HABITS guides you through the methodical steps for making positive habit changes albeit breaking a bad habit or building a new one. The key is not motivation, but INTENTION. Too many times we fail because we do not have a system in place for achieving a goal thus we end up on a merry go-round of false starts.

A goal is a big picture result, but small, achievable steps along the way are the building blocks. Clients repeatedly speak of motivation with phrases like "I am going to walk everyday", "I am going to eat healthier" or "I am going to get organized". But there is not a clear, concise directive with any of those statements.

James Clear points out that a predetermined plan with the new habit, the time and the location leads you into making a very clear decision.

I will put on my walking shoes at 3pm and walk to the stop light and back.

I am taking an online healthy choice cooking class at 6 pm on Thursday.

I will turn off electronic devices each night at 10pm and meditate for 5 min in my quiet bedroom.

The end result over time is that it will help you say yes to yourself first before you derail off course with another request or a to-do. You have created a space for your goal to begin taking shape with continued repetition. Are you ready to give it a shot? Choose a habit, write it down each day and get started on the process.

Feel free to share this with a friend or 2 and as a matter of fact, if you are stuck on what habit to work on, just read my previous post on Breath Work to get you started today.

Cheers, until next time,

Coach Patti

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