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Episode 18 - Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat - 3 Tips for Self Motivation

Achieving a growth mindset takes work, but it can be achieved at any age. Exploring, setting new goals and learning will contribute to this personal journey. Starting a new journey towards living healthier can be overwhelming, but with small steps very achievable. Here are 3 tips to help you find that self-motivation.


  • Long term goal - walk 8000 steps a day in 6 months

  • Short term- incre

ase steps to 4000 steps a day over the next 30 days

  • Example - if you are walking 2000, add 500 more steps a day for 4 weeks.

  • How to measure this - get a fitness tracker or use your phone's health app

  • Why is this Relevant - improves your cardiovascular health, gives you more energy and you may drop a few pounds.

Use a calendar to circle your accomplished days - creating a habit takes patience and work.

2. Put YOU first on the To-do List

Each day create a task list with YOUR time for exercise in the 1,2, or 3 position. Create a calendar or alarm reminder - this is an appointment with yourself that is IMPORTANT. Set your boundaries and get after it.

3. Get Outside Support - Extrinisic Motivation

Join a group to meet up for walks, fitness classes, etc.

  • Get a work out buddy - you would not stand them up - would you?

  • Hire a coach or trainer who will provide you with daily, weekly, monthly check-ins and help you with goal setting.

Exercise is medicine, nutrition is fuel for the's time to train with a purpose...5,4,3,2, 1, - GO!

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