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Is it Time to Break Up with Your Scale? - Ep 30

Getting weighed is a touchy subject to many because it slaps a label on us based on what others think of the's bullshit! Yes, from a medical perspective, carry too much weight does cause health complications, so keeping it in check is valid. However, is weighing everyday or every week productive to our psyche? Absolutely not. Our society puts tremendous pressure on this number relative to our body image; that then effects our self esteem, self confidence, outlook, goal setting, our relationship with food and our relationships with people. It is a silent control that seeps into our minds to push the button of worth.

I've been on this roller coaster most of my life so I know the complexities all too well. Don't let this machine control you or your mind. Let's change this narrative by trashing the scale or at least putting it away for a while.

Here are 6 tips to move forward with a positive vibe -

  1. Stay strong and move - lift weights to boost metabolism

  2. Go by how your clothes feel - make sure your wardrobe isn't circa 2000.

  3. Use the mirror - find things you admire about your body - tell yourself you are strong, wonderful and powerful - be your cheerleader

  4. Make healthier food choices, get more sleep and stay hydrated - all important to the body

  5. Create a QUIET practice - no technology, meditate, journal, take nature walks -

  6. Surround yourself with support - work with a therapist, nutritionist, personal trainer, health coach or even a group of friends - anything that creates a positive environment and accountability

A number on a scale does not define you. Create the environment to thrive and if dropping a few pounds is part of the journey, it will happen if you make the choices to change your lifestyle - just don't make it the focus.

Remember your body is your gift - cherish it.

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