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The 5 Habit Hustle

I know you are thinking, "what else can I possibly do to be healthier?" Social media, magazines, books, radio and television ads, all share advice on the million different ways to take charge of your life and live to 100. It's exhausting to read it all, not to mention think about implementing it.

So I've decided to narrow down the options to 5 Daily Habits. Each of these habits have a broad scope of information, but to kick start your journey, I want you to focus on simplicity.

HH 1 - Nutrition

Eliminate processed foods - deli meat, frozen entrees, and bakery items - if the first 2-3 ingredients are salt/sugar - say bye-bye

HH 2 - Hydrate

Improve water intake - 8 ounces when waking, before each meal plus during/after exercise

FACT - 60% of the adult body is WATER -

it's function is temperature, cellular and waste removal.

HH 3 - Exercise

Move 30 minutes a day to improve lung function, reduce stress and boosts happiness

HH 4 - Mobility

Stretch, foam roll, massage, deep breathing. The body goes through stress with exercise, too much sitting, daily chores, sports and more - learn to lengthen the muscles fibers, stimulate soft tissue with stretching, and breath exercises that expand lung function are building blocks to total mobility.

HH 5 - Sleep

The body needs to rest and restore with 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Set a routine for bed by eliminating electronics 30 minutes prior, schedule a regular bed time, and cut meals/alcohol several hours (2-3) before hitting the hay. Additionally, sleep in an environment that is cool and dark.

So on a scale of 1-10 - 10 being exceptional, where do you fall on the 5 Habits above? Are you ready to hustle up and do some tweaking? I am ready to hear your voice. It may be 1or 2 habits, it may be all - it's time to assess and adjust.

IKeep an eye on my live IG feed, I will offering some tips in the upcoming weeks. Cheers and HUSTLE ON!

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